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Cette page a pour but d’archiver certains évènements scientifiques autour des éthiques du Care qui ont été publiés dans la page d’accueil du carnet hypothèses TEPCARE.


Colloque “Philosophy and Politics of Care”

16-17 mai 2024, Université de Vérone (Italie)

Care is essential in life, because our being is ontologically relational, vulnerable and fragile. Indeed, care is needed to repair our being when it is wounded, to preserve and protect it, and to make it flourish.  However, this phenomenon, whose essentiality is evident in daily life, has often been neglected by theoretical knowledge and empirical research in humanities and healthcare fields. Actually, knowledge about the ontological necessity of care has ancient roots, but for a long time the work of care has been conceived as an exclusive domain of female wisdom, without being adequately theorized and investigated. In the last few decades, we have witnessed to a renewed academic interest for this theme and, consequently, to an international proliferation of theoretical and empirical studies about it, which can contribute to design new horizons for better policies. The conference “Philosophy and Politics of Care” has been organized in order to discuss about the state of the art of the studies about care, starting from the assumption that the academic commitment to study this phenomenon in its essence and experience cannot be conceived as separated from the educational and political commitment to raise caring generations and communities. For more informations…



Médecine de sens

les 17 et 18 mai, l’association IKAÏROS Culture du soin, organise son tout premier festival à l’Université de médecine et l’Oasis citadine de Montpellier :

Comment prendre soin de soi et de l’autre ?

Quelle médecine souhaitez-vous pour demain ?

Pour s’inscrire, c’est par ici : https://bit.ly/3U5PW9G

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